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Name:Low frequency therapy device
Power supply:AC100-240V/50-60Hz/60W
Output wave:Biowave
Maximum current:10mA(Auto-Control)
Output frequency:1-300HZ
Main machine size:364(L)×270(W)×60m(H)
Whole set weight:15Kg
  • Product Detail

Low frequency therapy device

1.It is detachable and compact

2.It is high grade article and light

3.It provides maximum benefits as an excellent programs can be chosen in each mode

4.It is possbile to upgrate programs and to install many other programs

5.Special feeling and special waveform

6.It is possible for 4 people to use the product at the same time

7.It has enhanced functions for the foot and each body part

8.large numbers of programs are available in each system with patented Doza

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