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Name:New Folding Thermal Jade Massage Bed
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New Folding Thermal Jade Massage Bed

Product principle

Our Folding therapy massage bed works on five therapy principles:Spinal correction, Fingerpressing massage, Scraping sha-bruises therapy, Jade energy, Far-infared.  5 groups of physical therapy projectors in back part. 64pcs jade stone and 48pcs germanium stone heating mat for leg part.

The internal jade roller is made of natural Xiuyan jade from Liaoning, China. The design of the track for upper body is based on physiological curve of the human spine. Imitating human hands to provide both of kneading and rolling massage function, which can correct the spine and dredge the channels together with the Far-infared therapy.

Jade and germanium stones release heat slowly and steadily, gradually softening sore muscles; Improves circulation and supports the exchange of oxygen in the blood. Deeply relaxing, releasing stress and eliminating tension.


The benefits of our Folding massage bed therapy are many:Reduces physical fatigue,Relief in Chronic cervical & Back Pain, Helps to Increase Metabolism capacity, improve Blood Circulation for full spine & whole body. Helps maintains correct posture and body balance. Helps to Improve Digestion. Create a feeling of well being while reducing anxiety.

What’s more, the folding therapy massage bed also has below advantages compared with traditional style massage bed:

(1)High cost performance:The users can enjoy the same thermal massage therapy with lower cost.

(2)Low power:The power of the folding massage bed is 200W, lower than the traditional massage bed 260W.

(3)Portable: can be folded as a roller suitcase, the net weight is only 31kg, easy to carry. With a small and exquisite appearance.


Product compositon

Our folding therapy massage bed is consist of 3 parts:Main part, Auxiliary part, Bedstead.

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